May The “Police” Force Be With You


If you were driving along the highway and suddenly looked out your window to see Darth Vader standing next to a broken down car, would you stop and help him or would you keep on driving in fear he may hijack your car at “lightsaber” point?…

Officers Craig Chapman and Asha-Jayne Neary over in England decided to help him out. Apparently, Dave Prowse, who plays Darth Vader was stranded on the side of the M1 highway in England when his car broke down. Dave said:

“The traffic officers told me to wait behind the barrier, and I couldn’t believe the noise from the traffic that was sailing past me,” said Mr Prowse.
“I am known as the Green Cross Code Man, but this was a totally different situation.
He added: “I was on my way to rehearsals and filming at Yoxall, near Burton on Trent when I broke down last Thursday.”
“Then, at the weekend I was due to attend a reunion of the 501st UK Garrison, which is a Star Wars costumed charitable organisation, at the National Space Centre in Leicester and needed the car.

“I’m the Commander in Chief Worldwide so it was really important I that I was there, and when I broke down my boot was full of memorabilia and photos.”

Good thing the “local police” force was there to save him! Thanks to BBC via Topless Robot for the story.

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