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Now that Disney owns Fox, properties formerly outside the umbrella are finally back where they belong. Fantastic Four and X-Men, primarily. And it’s only a matter of time before the MCU welcome their lost children back to the big screen. And fans have already been throwing out their casting choice. One Redditor gave a suggestion that’s gotten over 20k upvotes or fake internet points. But will you approve? Every Nerd has an opinion on who would be the best Doctor Doom. And even if they don’t have a suggestion, they have an opinion on other’s casting of Marvel’s First Family. But this is a solid list of proven actors that could easily embody these characters and usher the MCU into a bright new phase.

John Krasinski is best known for his goofy, charming character Jim from ‘The Office’. But lately, he’s shown he has the chops to do action with ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ series. He has the look and loveable charm that could instantly endear the audience to the hyper-focused and sometimes forgetful Reed Richards. He’s the lead a film like an MCU Fantastic Four, and role like an MCU Mr. Fantastic needs.

Emily Blunt has proven again and again that she can take on a multitude of roles. The best part about casting her? She’s married to Krasinksi in real life. Who better to portray the husband-and-wife-duo than a real-life husband-and-wife-duo? Emily Blunt could easily give us the Susan Storm-Richards we need, stepping into the shoes of the (arguably) field leader of the Fantastic Four, Invisible Woman.

Dacre Montgomery has the attitude that would bring Johnny Storm to life. He does Hot-Head really well. ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Power Rangers’, Montgomery’s career has been preparing him for a role like this.

David Harbour is an obvious choice for Ben Grimm, even if a lot of us didn’t realize it. ‘Stranger Things’ proved that he can be gruff and loveable at the same time. ‘Hellboy’ proves that he isn’t afraid of the work it would take to bring The Ever-Lovin’ Blue Eyed Thing to life should they decide to do a practical, makeup effects style Thing.

Just thinking about these four on the big screen, on set together, you can feel the chemistry and camaraderie of the what-could-be-cast. Then comes the villain. The lynchpin that holds the movie together, makes or breaks the reboot.

Doctor Doom needs someone who can be, all at once, commanding, authoritative, smug as hell, and subtly crazy as a loon. The genius, tech-savvy, mystical master, Victor Von Doom would be in good hands with Michael Fassbender. His Magneto was the highlight of Fox’s X-Men series, and one could argue the two characters are very similar. But Fassbender has what it takes to bring subtle differences to Doom. Give him a “Latverian” accent, scarred face, and the metal mask for the last half of the film, and Magneto would be all but forgotten.


Maybe Redditor and creator of the fan cast, u/Zosodechaine, should quit their day job and go work for Disney as casting director of the MCU.


What do you think? Is this way off base? Let us know in the comments below who YOU would cast as the MCU’s Fantastic Four, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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