After grasping at a sequel for years, Sony is finally getting a grip on it’s next installment in the Men In Black series. Instead of a direct sequel the studio is opting for a spin-off. With no definitive title yet, the movie simply referred to as MIB is set in London. Rumor has it the franchise is expanding it’s universe to allow more options for stories. Ahead of the casting news, 2018 Las Vegas Licensing Expo featured a poster for the new movie with the line “MIB in theaters summer 2019”. Is it enough to generate hype for the film? Can big names sell the tickets to fill seats for a spin-off?


The film referred to as MIB stars Chris Hemsworth and Tess Thompson. The stars worked together on Thor: Rangarok and had great comedic chemistry. The pairing is a smart move. Rumor has it that Thompson plays Em, the newbie in the Men in Black, who is sure to become known as Agent M. Hemsworth, rumored to be Agent H, plays Em’s partner, who gets caught up in a murder mystery that has the agents running all over Earth to solve.


While as of yet there’s no announcement as to who he’s playing, Liam Neeson joins the cast. Theories run wild, claiming Neeson could be in charge of the Men in Black in London, but with his action movie background he could be taken a more active role. The formula of the previous movies could be set aside for a more team ensemble instead of a buddy cop feel. Neeson could possibly even be the villain of the movie.



While Ghostbusters didn’t do as well as Sony hoped for, the Jumanji movie was a hit with fans. Hopefully Sony can learn from what works and who doesn’t and make MIB stand on it’s own. With the Men in Black and Jump Street crossover canceled and the fourth Men in Black movie in limbo, Sony seems to be giving this spin-off everything it needs to be a success. Hemsworth, Thomspon, and Neeson all have the fan backing to pack seats. Are you excited for another Men in Black movie?  Could Hemsworth and Thompson revitalize the franchise? Is this just the beginning, could we see more branches of the Men in Black across the globe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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