A short while back, there was a rumor floating around that actor Michael C. Hall (aka the man formerly known as Dexter) was being courted for the part of Daredevil in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix-based television series. It was, of course, yet one more rumor among the billions that permeate the Internet on an hourly basis, and Hall has since debunked the claims. But now he’s stepped up and shared a few more words on the subject of Daredevil, including his level of interest in playing the role. Check out what he said below.

When talking with Vulture, Hall had this to share with us:

“I’ve heard them, but I think that’s all they are — rumors. Don’t misunderstand, I would definitely consider it … but I can’t tell you any inside information, because I think they’re nothing but rumors.

“I really am enjoying mixing it up a little bit, and I’m committing to things that have a foreseeable end in sight when I start them, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of [a new series] happening at some point. But I’d have to read the script!”

So, folks, it looks like Hall may not be the man after all. He just got through working eight, long seasons on Dexter and doesn’t seem too eager to get back into that long-term contract thing. Still, there’s always a chance, right? I mean, throw enough money at him and offer a script that is compelling and Hall just might change his tune.

Then again, the Daredevil series is supposed to start filming this summer. So, Mister Hall, you’d best make that decision one way or the other, and you’d best do it in a timely manner.

What say the Nerd Readers? Would your prefer Hall say yes to Daredevil? Or do you have someone else in mind that you’d like to see fill the shoes of The Man Without Fear?


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