There are a few simple rules regarding conversation in my house:

1. No politics

2. No religion

3. No insulting the films of Brian De Palma or David Cronenberg

4. Those who mention Prometheus will be shot

It’s not that I despise Prometheus (the first half is actually quite good), it’s just that the very thought of the movie’s squandered potential irks me to no end. So count me as someone who is actually looking forward to the sequel, as I hope (maybe against hope) that Ridley Scott & Co. can actually stick the landing this time, instead of dropping a giant, somewhat phallic-looking spaceship on my dome. Unfortunately, one of its busiest stars cast a shadow of doubt upon when we’re actually going to see the continued adventures of Elizabeth Shaw and the severed head of David the Robot today, thus meaning I can’t set a defined date upon which I can revisit and possibly revise my “house rules”.

During a recent interview with Collider, Michael Fassbender’s X-Men co-star James McAvoy asked the prolific actor if he was going to appear in a sequel to Prometheus, to which Fassbender replied:

“Yeah, but when I don’t know.”

This is kind of a bummer, but also not entirely surprising. Fassbender’s a super busy guy, appearing in giant superhero franchises, video game adaptations (Assassin’s Creed) and Best Picture winners (12 Years a Slave). It also doesn’t help that it’s not set in stone if Ridley Scott is even going to direct the sequel to Prometheus (long rumored to be called Paradise, after the Engineers’ home planet), as the legendary Alien director has both a sequel to Blade Runner and an adaptation of the sci-fi novel The Forever War in the works.

20th Century Fox have already claimed a March 4, 2016 date for an as-of-yet unspecified “Ridley Scott Project”, and have hired two screenwriters to pen the script for the sequel (an original was draft turned in by Transcendence scribe Jack Paglen that has since been rewritten by Michael Green, who is also writing the second Blade Runner). Could this be the date when we finally get to see if Prometheus’ potential can be truly capitalized upon? Maybe. But I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile, I’m holding out for Scott’s Exodus to be the second great Biblical epic we get in 2014 (it will be released this December).

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