Yep, add another name to the Enterprise’s ever growing roster. Noel Clarke, who you must remember from Doctor Who as Rose’s often forgotten boyfriend, Mickey Smith (the tin dog, if you will) has been added to the cast of J.J. AbramsStar Trek sequel. Just add his name somewhere next to Alice Eve and Peter Weller.

Clarke hasn’t been sitting on his ass waiting for another classic science fiction franchise to give him a ring. Since Who he’s become a BAFTA-winning filmmaker, wrote an episode of Torchwood and co-starred in Neil Marshall’s Centurion with Michael Fassbender. A movie I watched recently, it’s available to stream on Netflix, and it as well as Clarke’s performance were much better than I expected.

But let’s get to it, what will his role be in Star Trek 2? A “family man with a wife and young daughter.”

Yup, that’s it.

Because, excuse us for wanting some details.

What kind of role do you think Clarke’s character will play? Friend? Foe? Ill-fated red shirt?

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