Mickey Rourke recently shared some choice words towards Marvel Studios’ regarding their “interference”over the course of shooting Iron Man 2. Now normally after you trash a company you let bygones be bygones. Bitch please, this is Mickey Rourke, his crazy ass wants you dead. Rourke was once again back on the war path, practically spitting in the face of Marvel.

During his recent interview with io9 to promote the upcoming Immortals, in which he plays the villain King Hyperion, Mickey may have permanently severed all ties marvel. At least he puts the last nail in the coffin with his own hand- and his foot in his mouth.

io9: So a lot of it is finding the right director who you feel comfortable with?

Rourke: I try to find the right director who won’t compromise his or anyone else’s integrity, and yet be political enough to give the studio what they want yet put up a fight to maintain that integrity. So we’re not watching some science fiction [frick]ing wham bam thank you ma’am Marvel piece of crap.

Eh, I’m slightly more interested Immortals now that it’s Rourke approved.

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