With E3 2017 finally under way, the biggest names in gaming have begun to hold their annual E3 conferences. It’s here where people from all over the world who couldn’t make it to Los Angeles clamor around their computer screens and hope the rumor they heard months ago comes true. Microsoft’s Xbox opened their conference with news about the Xbox One X. In addition to calling it the most powerful console, it is also the smallest Xbox they’ve created. For more details about the Xbox One X check it out after the jump.

Ever since their creation, video game consoles have evolved from just playing video games to becoming the ultimate home entertainment system. The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s latest entry into that never ending contest. When the original Xbox One debuted in 2013, it was already an impressive piece of tech. This takes that tech and improves upon it – by a lot.

The new Xbox One X will feature a 2.3GHz processor as opposed to the 1.75Ghz processor in the Xbox One. Plus there’s a nice upgrade in the memory department as it goes from 8GBs of DDR3 to 12GBs of DDR5. And finally, it will come with a 1TB hard drive instead of a 500GB unit. All in all, it’s going to be bigger and badder while maintaining a more compact body to make placement easier.

The biggest point Microsoft pushed across the board was the whole idea of how the new Xbox One X will deliver true 4K, but what does that even mean to you? Basically, with the newer TVs out there, it will seem like you’re watching things in real time. Images will look so real that you’ll begin to question reality. Not only will movies and television look good but gaming should look smoother and more fluid. It’s all about how real can you make things look. The new Xbox One X should get you and your friends one step closer to jumping through the screen.

Check out the Xbox E3 conference below (jump to the 35 min mark):

The Xbox One X will be available on November 7 for a price of $499.

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