Microsoft has revealed the new Xbox One! The console has instant switching which allows you to instantly switch between games, movies, music, web and now both Skype and live TV. In terms of specs, the console has an 8-core CPU, USB 3.0, WiFi direct, Blu-ray, 500GB HDD, HDMI input and output, and 802.11n wireless — no mention of the GPU. It’s these specs that enable the aforementioned multitasking and Snap Mode, not to mention enabling much more powerful games. But, will it have the red ring of death?

Personally, in terms of looks, it reminds me of an old-ass stereo system. What do you think?

EA’s Madden NFLFIFANBA LIVE and UFC are all coming to the Xbox One this year. Microsoft Studios announced that Forza Motorsport 5 is coming. Remedy revealed footage from a new game title Quantum Break. Also coming out of the Microsoft press event this morning, we have a Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal trailer:

Also announced was a live-action Halo TV series coming from 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg!

More to come as the stream continues. Watch it with us in the steam below:




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