Warner Bros. is in talks to bring Imangi Studios’ megahit mobile device game, Temple Run to the big screen. Harry Potter producer David Heyman is reportedly attached to the project, which would involve an explorer who steals an idol from a temple all Indiana Jones-like, and gets demons nipping at his heels for his trouble.

I’m not familiar with Temple Run, personally (I use what is charmingly referred to as a “ghetto phone” for my vocal communications). Apparently it’s insanely popular and spawned a recent sequel–and spinoffs featuring characters from Oz: The Great and Powerful and Disney/PIXAR’s Brave.

Once the negotiations are completed, Warner’s will next begin looking for a screenwriter to adapt the story (such as it is).

Tomorrow I’m expecting to hear 20th Century FOX is purchasing the film rights to Bejeweled.

Source: THR

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