Spanning science fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense and thriller, the original anthology series The Twilight Zone tapped into a part of the human consciousness that simultaneously sent shivers along spines and kept people coming back for more week after week. The show remains one of television’s most popular series and has had a wealth of spin-offs including revival series, comic books and movies. The stories the show told still make contemporary audiences shudder and even the earliest episodes first broadcast in the late 1950s are a must watch for anyone interested in the myserious and macabre.

Since Warner Bros owns the rights to all 92 scripts written by screenwriter and creator Rod Sterling and Leondardo di Caprio considers the series one of his favourite shows ever, the two have teamed up to create a new movie using all the technology and resources the modern day has to offer. The new movie is said to have eschewed the anthology format of the original series and first cinematic adaptation of 1983. Instead, the upcoming release is reported to favour of a continuous story that draws inspiration from the classic stories of the first television run.

It has now been reported that the script for this ambitious project will be written by Christine Lavaf.

Lavaf has gained attention recently, selling a number of original spec pilot scripts and contributing to the creative team working on Legendary‘s MonsterVerse. She’s not the first writer to be attached to the project, with Rand Ravich, Jason Rothenberg, Anthony Peckham, Joby Harold and Ari Eli Coleite all getting involved in and subsequently dropping out of the project.

But Lavaf’s work in contemporary cinema seems to suggest that she’s got a fair idea of what’s popular right now and the rate at which her work is getting picked up is a good sign too. If she sticks around, hopefully she’ll be able to give the old series the new movie it deserves.

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