Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is close to opening, the unveiling be May 20 at Walt Disney World and on June 3 at Disneyland. For those who have no idea what a Star Tours is, it was long standing, outdated, popular ride that took guests on a tour through the Star Wars universe, via a simulation. I speak in past tense because Disney shut it down last year to work on a newly updated version. I’m still kind of peeved about it. Not only was it one of my favorite rides, but it was prequel free. No Jar Jar. No midi-chlorians. No Hayden Christensen.  It was an extension of the original holy trinity and it was good. I’m all in favor an updated the ride with modern technologies, but the revised Star Wars universe shouldn’t be anywhere near it. No matter how fun it is, it will do nothing be further ruin your childhood.

Anyway, Disney has put out a new press release that reveals a few more tidbits about the revamped attraction.  Specifically how C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels), R2-D2, droid pilot Ace, and spokesbot Aly San San (voiced by Allison Janney) a part of the ride. We learn a bit more about the 3D action sequences, including how C-3PO ends up flying the Starspeeder.

Here is an excerpt of the press release via

Entering the attraction queue area, Star Tours guests walk into a bustling spaceport. The famed Star Wars droid duo, C-3PO and R2-D2, greet them as the Starspeeder 1000 is prepped for service. Anthony Daniels, the voice of C-3PO and the only actor to appear in every theatrical chapter of the Star Wars Saga, reprises his role as the golden protocol droid. Daniels worked with Walt Disney Imagineering to record new dialogue for the attraction. Guests also are introduced to AC-38, a hotshot droid pilot known simply as “Ace,” and Aly San San (voiced by actress Allison Janney), the “spokesbot” for the spaceport.

After winding through the spaceport, guests board the Starspeeder 1000 spacecraft and prepare for Star Tours Flight #1401. Through a series of mishaps, however, C-3PO finds himself in the pilot’s seat instead of Ace, and it’s up to him and R2-D2 to navigate their passengers through the galaxy. However, the tyrannical Empire is out to stop the Starspeeder at all costs. C-3PO and R2-D2 take the controls and try to outwit and outrun the Imperial forces and a galactic bounty hunter hired to pursue the spaceship and its passengers.

Eh, at least C-3PO is main focal point. That makes me happy. While details for the ride have been few and far between, from what we can gather the new ride will include locations and characters from both the original trilogy and prequel trilogy as it takes place after the events of Revenge of the Sith and before A New Hope. Apparently there are 50 different adventures where your voyage could take you, like Tatooine, where you could take in a podrace, as well as the hub of the galaxy, Coruscant.

I gotta say that while it tears me up that the original ride is gone, the more I hear about this revamp the more fun it sounds.I am pretty pissed off that the new ride will include Prequel crap, but it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Perhaps something from Lucas that doesn’t suck.

Are you planning on being one of the first people to ride Star Tours 2.0? Does this sound like fun? Would you wait in long-ass lines to be among the first to try out the new ride?

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