23 days and counting until The Avengers hits the big screens across the country. This summer has seen the advent and increase in the movie clips shown, entire 10 to 20 minutes of the start of the movie clips, 10 second teasers of trailers that tease the movie, pre-theater still pictures and featurettes, blog postings and videos with in depth cast and production comments and dialogue, and now even more and more clips of clips that when clipped together form some new Hollywood Marketing Frankenstein Monster that wants to suck all the anticipation out of our collective nerdy bones while licking it’s lips and smacking it’s monstrous gums on that sweet, juicy marrow.

The only redeeming feature about all these clips is that it will give the movie goer the opportunity to go pee after drinking that 64 ounce monster Coke, pick those popcorn kernels out of your back teeth, and maybe for those lucky few the chance for a quick darkened theater tongue lashing from your significant other without missing anything.

So go ahead intrepid NerdBastard reader, get your fill of these Avengers clips, dip well into creative genius of Josh Whedon, and revel in his hot-tub bubbles of Marvel goodness.

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