Welcome back bastards-in-training, and prepare thyselves for another round of Star Wars news!  This time around there are no rumors to spread, however, so you’ll just have to deal with a couple videos and a little bit of commentary.  On the list for today – George Lucas clarifies his role as consultant, another installment of the ongoing and strung-out Lucas-Kennedy interview and someone asks Ewan McGregor if he’d willingly come back as Obi Wan for future films.

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Pimpin’ Jawas ain’t easy.

We all know that George Lucas, despite having passed the Star Wars franchise on to Disney and Kathleen Kennedy, will still be sticking around in a consultant position.  The question on everyone’s mind is – exactly how much will he be doing in regards to the new flicks?

With his own two lips, Lucas spoke, and the news he gives is good.  Basically, he’ll be doing next to nothing on Episode VII and beyond.  If people involved in production need a quick answer to a universe-oriented question, Lucas will be standing by with an answer.  Of course, there’s probably otaku-like geeks on the Internet that could do the same job, but they’re sticking with Lucas.

So, yippee!  The less Lucas-taint, the better.


Second up, yet another micro-sized piece of the seemingly eternal-yet-never-finished Lucas-Kennedy interview.  This time they talk about the essence of the Star Wars franchise and why it go so freakin’ huge.

Hold on folks, just one more to go!

“If one more person asks me about bloody Star Wars, I will run this thing through their eye!”

And finally, someone decided to ask poor Ewan McGregor to put his ass on the line by joining in the Star Wars speculation debate.  How so?  Well, they wanted to know if he’d be willing to come back to Episode VII and play some more Obi Wan.

Now, anyone with any knowledge of Star Wars knows that this is a pretty ludicrous question considering the character is long dead by this point.  But you never know when Disney might try to pull something like this out of their ass to make more monies.  And it turns out that McGregor would be okay with it.

Or, to put it in his own words:

I guess, yeah, of course. If they need me, yeah, I’d be happy [to go back].

Watch this video to see McGregor being assaulted by his interviewer:

And there’s your daily dose of Star Wars news, folks.  Check back tomorrow for even more exciting rumors, speculation and the occasional bit of quality information!


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