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The BBC has just released a couple of new all-too-brief trailers in an effort tide us over until Doctor Who returns about a month from now (Who doesn’t wish they had a TARDIS to jet them to April 23 right now?). One is a new 20 second teaser for the Doctor’s sixth series, and the other is a 20 second teaser for a prequel webisode with a premiere date of March 25 (which is Friday, for those of you keeping score).

The prequel will be the first of three webisodes set to premiere ahead of the two-part season-opener. According to the BBC, these webisodes will introduce us “to the world the Doctor will collide with in the next adventure and watch carefully… was that the new monster..?”

The teaser itself doesn’t give many clues to what the prequels will reveal or whether there’s actually a new monster, but it does provide brief glimpses of what seems to be The White House, as well as a ringing phone and lots of foreboding. We’ve already seen full length trailers showing The Doctor in America (He wears a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.), so it seems he might be coming to the aid of another world power this season. The prequels are written by Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat, so you can expect lots of eerie mystery and no small amount of crafty foreshadowing.

As for the teaser for the series proper, it’s also quite slim on information, but it does offer a key phrase: “Silence Will Fall,” first uttered in Series Five’s premiere, “The Eleventh Hour,” and recurring throughout the year’s story arc. The Doctor squeaked by the nemeses of the last series, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone, now does it?

Also, if you look closely during the opening seconds, you can see what looks like a portion of a giant eye. That eye looks not unlike the Atraxi, a race of giant eyes that also first appeared in “The Eleventh Hour,” through a crack in the universe, no less. The series ended with questions unanswered, so it’s quite possible these creatures may soon be returning, perhaps along with more answers about…silence.

Only one thing is certain: the new season is shaping up, in true Steven Moffat fashion, to be positively timey-wimey.

Doctor Who returns in ‘The Impossible Astronaut,’ airing April 23 on BBC and BBC America.

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