This is it, this is the final stretch towards the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. In the lead up we’ve seen trailers, clips and photos. We here at Nerd Bastards have been counting down the days, and with only five more to go the BBC has released a short, behind the scenes video teasing us even more. 

Airing on BBC Breakfast was this on set report from the filming of “The Day of the Doctor.” Within it are a few new clips of footage, which have also been isolated in separate videos below.

That rabbit bit was genuinely funny, and classic Ten. Finally getting to see more than few seconds of him here and there is one of the 50th’s biggest draws. That and seeing Ten, Eleven, and the War Doctor interact, of course.

There’s also been another irritatingly short clip shared through the special’s #SaveTheDay website. It’s another shot of Clara riding the motorcycle into the TARDIS,

As if you need reminding, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special airs on November 23rd. Check your local listings for show times.

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