Word is making the Internet rounds that Gotham and Jim Gordan’s favorite new Medical Examiner, Firefly and Captain Mal’s favorite Companion, and V‘s rodent eating lizard leader, Morena Baccarin has been cast to star opposite Ryan Reynolds in the long-demanded/awaited Deadpool movie. What role will she be playing?

Now there’s nothing really solid, but the best bet is that Baccarin will be Wade Wilson’s love interest in the movie. Many think she’ll be Vasessa Carlyle, aka Copycat.


If you don’t want to know Copycat’s storyline in the comics then stop here.






OK, now that’s taken care of here’s the low down on Copycat for those not familiar with the character and not worried about Deadpool spoilers:


Copycat lived with Wade Wilson back when he was a simple mercenary. They were headed towards marriage, but Wade came down with a nasty case of cancer, told Vanessa to hit the bricks, and got involved with Weapon X. Vanessa being a mutant shape-shifter, ended up working with Wade after became Deadpool. Deadpool being the complete human garbage he was at that point in his life, not only treated her badly, but at one point tried to kill her. Copycat left him for Garrison Kane, a character better forgotten, but also one we might end up seeing.

It could be argued that Deadpool’s first in-comic heroic action was when he saved Copycat’s life. Her powers, a mix between Mystique’s shape-shifting and Rogue’s power copying, allowed Deadpool to hug her so that she’d copy his healing powers and live.

This wasn’t the fairy book ending though, they really weren’t back together. While Deadpool became more or less a good guy, Copycat decided to get back with him, or at him depending on your prospective, by disguising herself as various women interested in dating him. Deadpool later admits to her that he knew it was her all along. The two rekindle their romance.

Copycat’s jealousy of Deadpool’s friendship with Siryn, gets the better of her and she leaves Deadpool. Copycats powers were fluctuating wildly after the Weapon X attempted to enhance them. Weapon X brought Deadpool back into the fold and assigned him the mission of taking out Copycat. Deadpool doesn’t follow that plan and instead tries to save her. Sabretooth steps in to finish Deadpool’s assignment and handles it in the usual Sabretooth manner. With her powers not working correctly, she dies in Deadpool’s arms, with her last words being:



Now will this be the Copycat story line in the movie? I would kind of hate to see this because it’s right out of the Wolverine movie we’ve already seen.


Hopefully if she does play Copycat it won’t be a one and done Deadpool revenge for killed girlfriend movie. I don’t know about you but I am a little tired of the main character’s love interest getting “Fridged” about halfway through the movie.

fridged off a bridge

Trust me, “Fridging” is not just a DC thing:


Let’s all believe that the Deadpool movie can rise above that one.

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