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Some social rules are so basic that it staggers the mind to think that someone doesn’t know, understand, and follow those rules. You want to know something about a person? Take them to a movie. If they break any of the simple rules shown in the video, you can bet they’ve got plenty of other much more serious problems and you’re most likely better off alone.

Maddox from has a few basic rules about going to the movies. If everyone followed these rules I might start going to the movies on weekend nights.

I stopped doing that years ago. I now go during the week, in the early afternoon. You should try it, the only other people there are too old and set in their ways to use cell phones, they usually sit right up front so that they can see the screen so you’ve got plenty of noise dampening space to eliminate those annoying whispers when you sit farther back. And since 75% of them fall asleep half way through the film, unless they snore, nothing is going to disturb your movie going experience.

Check out Maddox’s rules and then I’ve got a couple to add to the list.

This video is a good start, but there are a couple of other rules that should go in there.

  • No babies or children well under the age restrictions. Seriously, a baby or five-year old has no place in an “R” rated movie. Not because they could be scarred by the experience, but because the have no off switch. Get a babysitter. Babysitters have to pay their bills, too.
  • If you have to go get some snacks, just go get them. Don’t stand there slumped over trying and FAILING to not block the view of those behind you while you ask everyone you’re there with if they want anything.
  • Unless you’re at a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, don’t act out the movie scenes, or shadow fight the screen. Dressing up is fine, but no one wants to see you re-enact the movie in the aisle.

What rules would you like to add to the list?

The next move might be to install monitors in the theater like they’re trying over in England.

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