Fans of old-school horror films may have the chance to dance for joy soon, as Clive Barker has made an announcement that there may be a cable television adaptation of his book Cabal on the horizon.  Non-Barker fans may remember an obscure little movie called Nightbreed which came out in 1990 – that was the movie version of the book.  Unfortunately, the movie never really told the full story of the book and was a bomb at the box office.

Any who have seen the movie surely remember the amazing work that went into the make-up and effects, though what is contained within the book is a much deeper and more tragic story than what they managed to convert into 102 minutes.  The possibility of a cable show may give Barker the room he needs to show the full tale of the monsters of Cabal.

For those that have not experienced Nightbreed in any of its incarnations (it was also a short-lived comic book series), the premise revolves around the protagonist, Aaron Boone, fleeing to the graveyard/city known as Midian after being convinced that he has become a crazed murderer.  Within the walls and tunnels of Midian, Boone meets a cast of what are basically mutants (complete with neat super-powers), all hiding from society and persecution.  Once in Midian, however, Boone ends up taking on a much larger role than he could have ever thought.  But that’s enough spoilers for now…

Barker has made it known that he is currently in talks to get the cable adaptation rolling, though said nothing about how far along those talks may be.  In addition, he had a few interesting things to say about why he feels a reboot of Cabal will finally work:

            “The sensitivity of our culture has sort of caught up with Nightbreed.”


            “You’ve only got to look at Twilight where obviously the monsters are the good guys…”

The question is: Are people truly ready for this, or is Barker just wishfully thinking?  If you listen to the polls at CraveOnline, Nightbreed was one of the 10 Movies That Should be a TV Series, so at least somebody wants to see it (me! me!).

Considering the complicated story of Cabal and the wealth of new material that came afterwards in the 25 issue comic run, this could make for a multi-season series filled with the gore, horror and mutant boob-shots that fans love so much.


Kudos to The Mary Sue and CraveOnline for feeding us their love.

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