With the deaths-per-episode scale exploding off the charts – HBO’s Game Of Thrones is setting a new precedent for killing off characters. Not since the days of graphic prison drama Oz has slaying of cast members with such frequency and ferocity taken place. In a twist of irony could it now be possible that the shows creators have added an actress best known for her role as prolific serial killer/author – Jessica Fletcher?

That’s right, the rumour mill has recently spat out a story involving Murder She Wrote star Angela Lansbury (90) joining the cast of Thrones. The ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ star is reportedly in talks with the show to make a cameo appearance in two episodes over the course of the new season which recently began filming on location in Northern Ireland, Iceland and Spain.

It is possible that Lansbury could be joining Harry Potter actor Jim Broadbent who was announced recently as having a “significant role” in the cast. Speculations on her role have begun with the clear favourite being an elderly Maggie The Frog – a witch who told young Cersei her future in season 5. Given the events of the last 2 seasons it wouldn’t be too much of stretch to believe that Cersei might want to seek the witch out.
As ever though, those closest to the show are staying tight lipped about the speculations. HBO has yet to confirm the rumours and Lansbury’s publicist has yet to comment on them.

The penultimate season is set to only include only 7 episodes instead of the usual 10. This news came after it was announced that the series filming and subsequent release would be pushed back due to weather. Filming was pushed back to Fall because series creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss wanted to ensure Winter was definitely coming for the next instalment of the hit show.

Season 7 of  Game Of Thrones is due to air in mid 2017.

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