“The Death of Superman” was a major, major, MAJOR event in comics. It was HUGE. And in the end all it managed to do was royally piss of legions of diehard Superman fans.  While at the time DC Comics raked in almost unheard of dough from initial sales, since then Action Comics has suffered.

But why am I telling you this. I’ll leave it to Max Landis, screenwriter of Chronicle and son of John Landis, to tell you all about The Death and Return of Superman. This short film is probably the best version of the tale you’ll ever watch. Believe me. And keep an eye out for some famous faces like Mandy Moore as Lois Lane, Elijah Wood as Cyborg Superman, Simon Pegg as John Landis, plus other nerdy cameos.

Insane, right? And totally effin’ hilarious. In fact, seeing this short makes me more interested in Chronicle knowing it comes from the mind of Max Landis. How about you?

Hmm, I wonder what Max thinks of DC’s reboot?

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