Street Fighter is one the oldest, longstanding and popular video game franchises of all time. Spanning a succession of game titles, animated series, comic books and various action figures. The one thing, however, that most fans choose to forget are the two really shitty live-action films – Street Fighter (1994) starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (2009) starring Kristin Kreuk. Just thinking about those god awful films will make at SF fan squirm. It makes you wonder if the property could every translate well to film.

Well, the fine folks at Machinima are trying to rectify the sins of the past with their new online web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. The first trailer for the series just hit, and it truly does look like the best adaption on screen to date. Check out the trailer below and see if you’re convinced. 

The live-action series comes from Ansah, who worked on the fan film Street Fighter: Legacy (Leave it to fans to make a better Street Fighter movie than Hollywood). It tells the origin story of two most popular characters from franchise, Ken & Ryu.

This may finally turn out to be the only good live-adaptation of Street Fighter. They clearly done their research making the characters and their backstories authentic. It might not have top visual effects, lighting, or costuming (The outfits don’t look quite right and good lord, Ken’s wig is awful) but considering what obvious limits they had to work with. It’s decent enough. Any true Street Fighter fan would appreciate this simply because of how close to Street Fighter lore it actually is.

Here’s the full synopsis on the series:

Through the coming-of-age story of Ken & Ryu, we are shown the back story of some of the game’s most iconic characters, and over the course of the series we will see how the past, present, and future of all of those characters are intertwined, as the battle to become Ansatsuken Master threatens to tear apart another generation of brothers.

As Ryu & Ken’s training in the Ansatsuken style of Martial Arts intensifies, their Master Goken is forced to revisit the dark secrets and tragedy of his past that culminated in the loss of his brother Goki.

All 12 episodes of the will be available to watch on Machinima on May 23rd.


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