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Admittedly, I hate it when people approach me to check out their online web series. I’m a total curmudgeon about it. Yes, there are tons of really good series out there, but the vast majority are almost always bad. It’s painful having to give up minutes of my life on the chance something might be good. All too often I’m pained with dodgy production value, poor effects and cringe worthy acting. On rare occasion, though, I’ll come across a web series that wins my attention. Sweethearts of the Galaxy is one of those select few.

Sweethearts of the Galaxy is a comedy Web series about a girl who dresses up as superheroes at comic book conventions. And then she starts to think she really is her favorite character Trinity Infinity.

When I was first told about Sweethearts of the Galaxy, I was hesitant to check it out (for reasons above). Even 30 seconds in on the first episode, which started off with a shaky cam selfie,  I was like “sigh, here we go”. Had the girl on camera not been as cute as she was, I probably would have passed. Yes, I’m shallow, I know.

The acting in the first episode made me frown a couple of times, but the girls were quirky and dorky enough for me to ignore it. It was in fact, their adorkable nature that kept me glued. I then got wrapped up in the story of nerd/cosplayer hitting her noggin, believing she’s now a real super hero and how her friends have to play along for fear of damaging her psyche. Next thing I know, I went from “meh” to suddenly finding myself having watched 4 episodes in succession.

You might not agree with this, but SOG has a very Whedon-esque vibe to it. It’s original, well written, the acting is good (gets better after first episode), great chemistry amongst the cast, has plenty of funny moments and features a totally boss sound track.

I’m now an SOG fan and can’t wait for another adventure. I think y’all would dig it too if you give it a go. Check out the preview and if it sparks your curiosity then watch the four latest episodes below.






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