Ever wonder how you measure up against The Caped Crusader? WHO HASN’T? Batman: Damned gives bat-fans the answer to the questions have been burning in their bat-brains for generations. And it nearly broke the internet. Trolls crawled from every bridge to lament the dirty trick of making them accidentally see the outline of a male genitalia instead of the outline of every single crevice of the female form. The internet can’t even decide what to call it. Batschlong? Lil Wanye? Bat-a-wang? Never before has there been so much open discussions of Batman’s crotch. Warning! Fictional comic book nudity to follow!


Artist Lee Bermejo & writer Brian Azzarello bring us Batman: Damned, a comic book limited series published by DC Comics under its DC Black Label imprint. A three issue miniseries set after Batman discovers the death of The Joker, enlisting John Constantine to help him find the killer.


But the death of The Joker isn’t what the internet is discussing. It’s the outline of Bruce Wayne’s penis. Stripping down in the batcave, Bruce lets it all hang out. And there are fans who did not approve. DC will be censoring the comic in future printings. Worried you might have missed getting to see Bruce’s Little Bruce? NerdBastard’s has your back.



Fans are talking about how great the issue is, Azzarello is a fan favorite for alternate universe Batfamily stories, lamenting the fact that the Bat-Penis has overshadowed how truly great the book is. Comic book creatives took to social media to snicker and make jokes about adding more Bat-Penis in books. Comic book relaters wish there was MORE Bat-Penis, the drama translating into comic book sales for many.



But is it really that surprising? We see our heroes run around in skin-tight clothing every Wednesday. The various styles of art show more or less bulge as the artist wants. Finally seeing it without the red spandex covering it is really that shocking? The drama screams of pearl-clutching that is frankly unnecessary for the art. DC’s Black Label imprint specifically states that it’s for mature readers, so the idea that young eyes might wander across a stray penis doesn’t hold water. So what is it that’s so shocking about the male form when we have no issues flaunting the female form so openly? Somehow a penis is far more offensive. It sounds like some vocal fans have a tad bit more “maturing’ to do before they should be allowed to pick up any more DC Black Label books.

But this is far from the first penis in comics. Even non-explicit books have sported a few shots of the male member, The Watchmen immediately comes to mind. Dr. Manhattan’s blue penis is hardly shocking at this point. DC and Marvel alike have skirted the line to true nudity many-a-time before. Spider-Man has been caught with his webs down more than once, resorting to webbing over his junk in a pseudo-web-speedo. Tony Stark and Hulk lose a bet and are forced walk naked down the street in Avengers Assemble #11, with only a little bit of pixelated blurring which doesn’t hide the outline of their super-schlongs.


What do you think? Was this too much? Is it really that big of a deal? Let us know in the comments below or his us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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