Just when you thought he was out…they drag him back in! Nathan Fillion has been a go-to fan favorite when anyone speculates about casting in Marvel or DC movies. He was considered by the Internet as the shoe in choice for Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man and was a top five likely for Green Lantern before Ryan Reynolds got the role. Now he’s hinting that he may finally have a Marvel comic book movie role.

While attending a Firefly panel at St. Louis Comic Con with Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin, Fillion answered a question with a huge tease about a cameo in the credits of James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Take a look at the video below, the tease is at the 38:30 mark.

When asked by the audience if he had wanted a part in his friend James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie:

Wanting to get a part… or maybe did, I’m just saying maybe. Maybe you’ll be surprised. Maybe. Check the credits.

Throw in what James Gunn recently said about the recent Guardians of the Galaxy reshoots:

Anything we want, but didnt get, something to make the movie better, cool cameo idea.

Fillion has said publicly that he couldn’t really consider any comic book movie as much as he might want to, because of his contract on Castle. A cameo like this would be just the thing, easy to slip into his shooting schedule, and there are plenty of Marvel characters that Fillion would be great as. Adam Warlock, Thanos, Cosmo, Starlord’s father J’son, Cyclops father Corsair, there are a ton of Marvel characters to choose from.

One many might not consider, but would make fans everywhere squee like schoolgirls would be a post credits scene with Chris Pratt‘s Starlord playing poker at a space bar with…wait for it…

Captain Mal Reynolds.

That’s right, slip Whedon’s Firefly universe into the Marvel Universe.

What do you think? I’m still holding out for Fillion to make a Batman VS Superman cameo as Green Lantern.

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