Community- Season 4

Today I am afraid that I must be the bearer of foul news. It has recently been reported to the Internetz that the folks at NBC decided that one of the best series ever made, Community, is not worth their time. Alas, fans of the show will not be graced with a season six, for it has been cancelled.

The news is made even worse by the fact that season 5 only recently concluded. There will be no final season in which we may mourn the loss of the show. No, we have to now live with the death of Community as we would the random and unexpected loss of a loved one. We shall never see it again, except in our memories (unless we re-watch it, of course).

Given the rather chaotic events surrounding the production of seasons 4 and 5, one would have hoped that NBC execs would have learned their lesson. They brought back Dan Harmon and the show’s quality instantly improved. Fans were happy again. Harmon was positive that the show would be continuing at least into season 6. So why? Why, God Why?!

Money is no doubt the answer to that question. Unless, perhaps, Harmon did something to piss NBC off again? Either way, it is a great loss to the world of television.

How do the Nerd Readers feel about Community’s demise? Will there be rioting in the street? Shall we band together to firebomb NBC headquarters? Or is it a time to shed silent tears and move on?


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