anasi boys

A golden age for Neil Gaiman fans appears to be looming on the horizon. Most already know that his novel American Gods is being made into a television show (dumped by HBO but picked up by the wiser folks of Freemantle) and now it seems as if yet another of his books shall be making its way to the small screen. For the BBC has recently decided that they wish to adapt Anansi Boys.

The novel will be converted into a mini-series, though the project is still in the beginning stages of development so we’ll not know the who, when and where of it for some time. All we can hope is that the BBC puts a little more time and effort into it than they did with their adaptation of Neverwhere. Not to say that Neverwhere was a complete bust, but it had that signature BBC look to it that bespoke of a very limited budget. I’d personally rather see something a step up from that for Anansi Boys.

What do the Nerd Readers think? Ready for a double dose of Gaiman when these two shows hit the airwaves?


Thanks to BBC News for the heads-up.

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