Neill Blomkamp Reveals Art For ‘Alien 5’

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From the time before even Alien Versus Predator was given the green light, people have been talking about making Alien 5. In fact, big names have been buzzing around the project since as early as 2002. Sigourney Weaver has been open about her interest and quite adamant that a new film would definitely be the right way to go with the franchise. Ideas, concepts and even scripts have been pitched, over the years, from Joss Whedon, Ridley Scott and James Cameron.

For all the interviews where people floated ideas around, for all the times people said they wanted to do it, for all the times that things started to feel solid for Alien 5, nothing seemed to come of it.

Neill Blomkamp has been a part of the movie since he worked with Weaver on Chappie, which hit the screens in 2015.

Despite the lack of progress following the previous rumours, Blomkamp quickly confirmed that he was committed to directing in February 2015, with Weaver sealing her involvement shortly afterwards.

Since then, development has remained fairly sluggish, but at least now we know why.

Ridley Scott has also connected himself to the new movie. He has been confirmed as producer, which will keep the movie a solid part of the franchise, but will also delay it even more. Scott has asked that production wait until Alien: Covenent, the sequel to Prometheus, is released in 2017.

While that means there will still be quite a wait until we finally get to see Alien 5, Blomkamp is making sure that we have plenty to keep us interested.

He took to Instagram in the early hours of April 26th to show off the artwork that is being made as part of the pre-production for the movie. It looks awesome and already has fans going wild with ideas about what we can expect for the next installment.


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