We here at nerdbastards love minimalistic art. It says so much with so little. It makes us feel so sophisticated. Now, animated minimalistic nerd art? Well, that’s just the makings of a good face raping (meaning it’s awesome). So you can imagine our glistening fat doe eyes and jaw droppage when we saw “35MM: 35 Movies in 2 Minutes”. Its a fun little video created by Felix Meyer and Pascal Monaco who tried to simplify 35 classic movies in a 2 minute animated short. It’s like a video work of art about cinema.

Take a close look and see how many movies you can recognize. You’d have to be a film/art aficionado to catch em all. If your a classic movie virgin or not really a film geek  then just look at the pretty pictures. Ohhhh…ahhhh!

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

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