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ABOVE: Ever wonder what it would have been had Clint Eastwood actually been cast as Batman? Wonder no more! Aged, pissed off, a carrying a case of permanent smoker’s lung. It’s a perfect blend of Bruce Wayne and the “Man with no name”. Definatly not someone you want to meet during a criminal heist. [Geek Tyrant]

Hit the jump for comic book romance novels, The Avengers “What if” and MOAR !

Trashy romance pulp novels never looked this good. Created by Tony Fleecs, this series of vintage looking covers each with it’s own comic book heroine will sprout your inner bookworm. [Geek-Art]

After saving Princess Peach on multiple occasions, sometimes she just wants to reward Mario with a sugary treat for all that turtle stoomping he’s been doing lately. Even if all the letters she sends you promising “cake” are real, sometimes it’s just cake. [DeviantArt]

Before you get to excited, no this is not a sneak peak at a new season of The Avengers animated series. There is no cartoon version of ROM the Space Knight, yet. This awesome “what if” from Avengers character designer Thomas Perkins is part of a series of pairing up Marvel‘s big names (um, Hawkeye?) with the more obscure choices. If the studio is smart, they’ll implement a few of Tom’s pairings in future episodes. [Thomas Perkins]

Take Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly and cast them as Thor and Loki. That is a movie we’d all love to see, right? Admit it, having the God of thunder and the trickster god make bunk beds is at the very least intriguing. Think about all the room they’ll have for activities. [Rampaged Reality]

Don’t you just hate when you can’t remember someone’s name, especially when your somebody who goes through a movie with no name. Luckly, Dan Hipp put together this easy to follow guide to learning an unknown’s name. If anyone asks, just point and they’ll know right away not to mess with. [MISTERHIPP]

Magic, booty and it’s from a Eisner Award-winning comic book writer, artist, cartoonist and animator, epic win. This Zatanna by Darwyn Cooke pulls all the magic together into a breath taking image. [Geek Tyrant]

Awww, if only we had children’s books like these when we were younger. Taking Nintendo’s classic game characters and putting them into children’s book, H. Caldwell Tanner may have stumbled on the next big thing for nerd parents everywhere. [A Random Assortment of Derp]

A mash-up by Andy Hunter, this Hanna-Barbera/Indiana Jones blend is exactly what it should be. Awesome. Make this cartoon now! [Draw2d2]

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