The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. From the secret webcam videos of Princess Leia and her little pocket saber,  to the Avengers after-hour “meetings” and even rumored secret to Wil Wheaton‘s everlasting youth (hint: fresh fan blood). Hey it’s the Internet people, it’s not just stock photo memes and funny cat videos. Luckily there is always the counter balance of mind blowing nerd based art. We collect it, you enjoy it, and we are all better for it.

ABOVE: The dark side of the force is awesome! You get to force choke people, swing lightsabers without remorse and be naked whenever you want, just like Darth Talon. Try and contain your midichlorians with this NSFW link by digital artist Darthhell young padawans. [Obvious Winner]

Hit the jump for Doctor Who, adoreable tradgities and a near topless Wonder Woman!

People love Doctor Who, veteran nerds can point out even the smallest of details from the series- specifically the props. That’s why Illustrator Karma Orange created a series of minimalist posters he calls “The Doctor Who Project”, choosing tools and phrases from the iconic series. Got a favorite, then check out the link and see if yours made the project! [Karma Orange]

It’s always sad when a pop culture hero dies, but Tony Fleecs makes it look so darn adorable. Above, my heart still aches for the day Optimus Prime fell. Fleecs work covers the whole gambit too, from the demise of Batman‘s Robin to the mass murder of the X-men (there there Wolverine), he has a very unique take on the death of hero lets say. Check out more at the link. [Geek Tyrant]

We’ve featured artist Bobby Rubio here before (a.k.a. Barry Presh) and this week he’s back with a dance battle for the ages- The Avengers vs. The X-men! Already an ongoing comic series, tying several Marvel storylines together, Rubio may have created the best ending to a story arc ever seen. Props to Hawkeye for flashing the big A in Xavier territory too, he could have been mind wiped in a second by Emma Frost if she wanted. [Bobby Rubio]

‘This is…8-BIT!’ Bringing back the age of Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, Colorado graphic designer Eric Palmer crafted an awesome series of posters for movies in the classic video game generation style. Honoring the original feature film while adding a unique twist to what fans already know, Eric did a fantastic job. [technabob]

A loving embrace captured be Cherry Garcia between a rather famous skeleton and his stitched together girlfriend. Nothing says “undying love” like a walking skeleton kissing a living jigsaw puzzle. [Geek Tyrant]

Want to introduce children to the Avengers before they start reading the comics? Let Katie Cook turn them into cats and go to town with the edu’cat’ion. Damn it Iron Cat, when will you kick your cat nip problem… [katiecandraw]

No, this is not a fictional take on the bones of Kenny Baker, still trapped inside the R2-D2 droid he once rode inside. This is part of a wickedly cool work combining zombies and Star Wars designed by Jeff Hulligan, avaible for sale at his etsy page. From the skeletal Darth Vader to the erriely creepy looking C3PO, this is best mash-up of two popular franchises you’ll ever see. [G33K PRON]

Raphael has always been pictured as the loner of his brotherly group, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but Riza Tucker perfectly captured the turtle at a much younger time. Rosy cheeks and plastic weaponry. Makes you want to take him home from the pet store before Michael Bay get’s his hands on him, doesn’t it? [Geek Tyrant]

Finally, Wonder Woman hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to costume changes- until this unknown artist made some worth while adjustments to Diana’s wardrobe. Sure, the common theme lately has been to dress the amazonian princess in more, but the above makes a great argument for less. Tactically speaking, the villain has much less to grab on to, right? Well, except for her… you know…  [Themyscira]

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