The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s crazy things like Smurf orgies, a close-up of Bravestar’s tar star, zombie tits and other weird shit. But there are a lot of awesome things that we see on a daily basis, and we’re lazy nerd bastards so we just round them all up once a week for your nerdgasm art lovin’.

ABOVE:  Nobody recognizes Emma Frost for her mutant telepath abilities or her impeccable dry wit. All she is to people is a set of boobs covered in strips of albino bacon. [Deviant Art]

These super powered felines, drawn by Canadian Kate Leth, are so fucking adorable. Is it wrong that I find Rogue-kitty easy to masturbate to? [Kate or Die]

CGHUB artist mandryk, drew up caricature inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan. The piece is called Crush Your Enemies. Caricature? As far as I can see, the anatomy of Schwarzenegger’s mouth and arms are quite accurate. [Geek Tyrant]

Artist Sean Anderson describes himself as a “a Neo-Romantic-Semi-Surreal-Crystal-Construct-Funkified-Deco-Pop-Cubist,” Who are we to argue? His multi-faceted approach to constructing superheroic scenes is just insane. Bah! Just look at the pretty pictures and nod your head.  [Comics Alliance]

The cast of Community has been turned into X-Men, Batman characters, and Calvin and Hobbes. Why stop now? DeviantArt user Kinjamin (dude who turned the gang into Gotham’s most dastardly villains) is at it again, this time he’s converted our favorite Greendale students into Street Fighter characters. [Buzz Feed]

This Jurassic Park piece, created by master illustrator Dan Hipp, will have you holding onto your butts. [MISTERHIPP]

I generally dislike things that are pink, fluffy and giggly (has something to do with having a set of balls), which is why I never got into My Little Pony. With that said, I would totally want this My Little Turret: Friendship is a Lie piece on a T-Shirt.  [The Mary Sue]

This is perhaps the most bad-ass images of Kitty Pride you’ll ever see. It’s nice to see Katherine Pride in a way that is relative to an actual battle other than her ability to run through walls. [Geek Tyrant]

Pixelated heroes have been done many times over, but the fad is never gonna stop. With artists like Pablo Cialoni, pixel heroes will always be cool. Can you name all the characters above? You get bonus points if you can name them all and your were born after 1995. [technabob]

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