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Above: We’ve seen Man of Steel on the big screen… maybe Warner Bros should think about reintroducing his cousin to movie audiences. Artist Froitz updated Supergirl’s costume to fit the current Kryptonian look, and it looks pretty damn sweet. [XombieDIRGE]

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The baddest bounty hunter in the whole wide galaxy, Bobba Fett, is featured in this insanely detailed photoshop by Adonihs. [CGHUB]


Sold in limited edition at SDCC this awesome Mondo poster of Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium is pretty dang cool. Created by Martin Ansin and focusing the main characters of the film the limited run might no longer be available, but an alternate version, also in limited supply, will eventually be available on Mondo’s online store. Get yours if you can. [GeekTyrant]


While the series no longer airs new episodes, people still love Disney‘s Kim Possible. And according to Terry Dodson Kim’s still going strong with the whole “saving the world thing”, gadgets and all. [Comics Alliance]


Tomasz Majewski made this portrait of Indiana Jones as part of his art diploma, part of a series featuring some of pop cultures biggest names like Tony Montana, John McClane and Ellen Ripley. Cleverly including the character’s name, film and year, Tomasz had put together quite the collection. [Geek-Art]


People sometimes forget you don’t need a computer to make good art, sometimes you just need some paint and one of Canada’s best exports. This Wolverine by Gabriele Dell’Otto looks like he’s ready for a fight, with his wolves close by for some added support. [XombieDIRGE]


Taking down a room full of ninjas while babysitting a former boy adventurer and his two sons, just another day at the office for Brock Samson. This Venture Bros. piece was created by Dave Crosland is perfectly suited for a comic book series, then a two-year break followed by another series. [GeekTyrant]


People love the Hunger Games, nothing like a bunch of teenagers and kids killing each other to sell a couple million novels and DVDs. It had also spawned some cool artwork in the process. Working on and off for a few months len-yan put together this really cool shot of Katniss Everdeen in her tribute gear, really to get the jump on someone. [Deviant Art]


Yeah, this might be one of the best Game of Thrones/Iron Man mash-ups we’ve seen here. Khasis Lieb really outdid himself. Fine details like the mini Iron Man helmet top off this amazing piece. [Khasis Lieb]

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