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Above: Move over Wolverine there’s another…Wolverine and he looks ready to star in a series of PG-13 Marvel movies. Created by artist Arthur Bozonnet this really cool character design for Wolverine is part Hugh Jackman, part badass and all kinds of awesome. Made for the Studio Hive production company these guys have one hell of an asset on their hands. [GeekTyrant]

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Star Wars has always been set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. What if George Lucas had wanted to make the trilogy of trilogies set on 1930’s Earth? Dean Reeves thought just that and created series of film noir Star Wars posters, each featuring a different character in the Star Wars universe. All four are really well done, but personally “Nightmare Ally” has to be made into some kind of fan movie. We gave you the idea people, you can credit us later. [Herochan]


Canadian artist James Whitethe artist behind the box art for the insanely popular FarCry: Blood Dragon, has worked on everything from RoboCop (above) to limited edition shirts for Adobe photoshop. This guys deserves more credit than he actually gets.[Comics Alliance]


Based off of Alphonse Mucha’s Four Seasons, artist blk-kitti has put together a really cool tribute to the series with Final Fantasy in mind. Pairing each season with one of the franchise’s many female leads this still incomplete series still looks amazing. Hopefully she’ll finish “Winter” and “Fall” eventually. [Deviant Art]


Ming Doyle really knows how to capture the look of Captain America looking like he’s deep in thought. Maybe he’s thinking about the mission,  maybe it’s how much money Chris Evan will be making under Robert Downey Jr… Who can say, really. [Comics Alliance]


If you’ve played the game Catherine then you have seen this cover, the one most parents would even let their kids go near on store shelves. Using the magic of digital art ZNZ has recreated the cover in stunningly real detail, minus all the bad dreams and losing your soul to a demonic woman. [CGHUB]


Kneel before the one true Zod! While Michael Shannon may be the new face of the DC villain artist Jason Edmiston knows that Terence Stamp is the true face of the of the super-powered psychopath. Part of the “A Rogues Gallery” art show, this piece will be open to the public starting August 23rd 2013 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. We command you to go. [XombieDIRGE]


12 pubs, 12 drinks, what could possibly go wrong? Commissioned by Focus Features to work on an exclusive poster for Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End artist Alex Pardee has nailed it. Even if you’ve somehow missed all the promotion online and on TV Pardee sums up the movie nicely all in one sweet poster. [/Film]


Stanley Lau does some remarkable work, as a with his collection of Justice Magazine covers, each featuring a femme fatale from comics and cartoons. In it’s latest features Mr.J’s gal pal Harley Quinn and she’s never looked better. [XombieDIRGE]


Kevin Wada has pointed out the one main flaw of that all superheroes have to deal with when wearing their costumes -tan lines. Being Superman you get a lot of sunlight exposure, but nobody really makes sunscreen strong enough for direct exposure to the sun, Clark better have a good excuse to cover this one. Lois is going to start asking questions unless Supes starts fake bake. [Deviant Art]


Nicolas Siner has honestly made one of the coolest versions of Poison Ivy I have personally ever seen. Blending both plant and Dr. Pamela Isley into one deadly package, Siner may need to make a few phone calls to DC and help redesign everyone (again). [GeekTyrant]

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