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Above: Sorry for spoiling the final episode of Breaking Bad, but this is how it all ends. Walter White has is a Sith Lord and the last five seasons (according to PJ McQuade) have been leading up to this. Please don’t sue us AMC. [GeekTyrant]

Hit the jump for film noir Assassins Creed, Captain Kirk and more.


While we still don’t really know what the heck Attack on Titan is, sunsetagain gives us a speculative peek. [Deviant Art]


Abraham Lopez finally figured out the flaw of having claws that can pop out of your foot, it makes buying shoes a total bitch. Maybe X-23 should stick to flip-flops or sandals? [Comics Alliance]

LittleMermaid Warrior prinecess

The Disney princesses have been reimagined over and over, but Deviant Art artist Sadyna found a new twist. Taking Snow White, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty and making them medieval warriors; Sadyna cleverly ties in each animated movie to each princess. [GeekTyrant]


Everyone has seen the posters and the cover for The Avengers a thousand times over, it’s only right for Skottie Young to make a parody of it. [Herochan]


Captain Kirk has fought many aliens, even taking on a Gorn in one on one combat, but can he handle a mutant turtle with knowledge of kung-fu? By the looks of what Stewart Craig has come up with, the Captain is in a tighter spot than trying to put on his girdle. [GeekTyrant]


Ben Simonsen has one of the best forms of Wonder Woman out there right now, she’s just so bright and shiny. She’s even rocking a ponytail instead of the free flowing hair she’s always going with. That’s a fighter who actually knows her hair can get in the way. [XombieDIRGE]


In medieval times if you could read better than most of your town you were branded as some form of witch, imagine what they’d do if you fired lasers out of your eyes. Artist Nate Hallinan took Marvel‘s X-Men and sent them back in time with his medieval take on the decades old super team. So far it’s still a work in progress, with Nate selling prints of every completed X-Men member, but he’s doing such a great job. [Nerd Approved]


Really not sure if we should trust Harley Quinn here… by Artist Admira Wijaya. [CGHUB]


Oh God, just what has Marco d’alfonso done this time. The Muppets Animal mixed with a little weapon X, we are so doomed. [Herochan]

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