The Interwebz is a great place for artists to share their nerdy work, even though the majority of the time it’s a bunch of fuckin’ weird shit. There are a ton of awesome things to behold every day but we’re fuckin’ lazy bastards, so we just put it all together once a week to keep your mojos happy. Because I wasn’t able to get the stock pile up last week, we’ll be having a double feature this week showcasing only the best of the best from the past two weeks! Buckle down, guys, and have your socks at the ready.

We’ll start off this week with some work by Marco D’Alfonso of the Iron Giant being fuckin’ hungry and deciding to nom himself some Optimus Prime.

Synchro593 painted this monochromatic blue Caterpie for a school project, and it’s pretty damn awesome… she better have gotten a kickass mark on that!

Mario and the Princess don’t seem to getting along quite so well, here. This is a good example of Aled Lewis‘ supremely clever pixel art.

This Spidey digital illustration is also the work of Aled Lewis. I quite enjoy this.

Mike Henry‘s got an entire collection of portraits of Batman characters and villains. He has a very distinctive style and it’s really cool to see how he’s translated these characters into his style.

This kickass digital painting of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid took Mitchell Nelson about 4 hours to complete. But it was time well spent ’cause this thing is amazing.

Click for a larger version! While Daleks aren’t exactly robots and the whole thing isn’t perfect, Richard Sargent still had an awesome idea with trying to feature every robot from film/TV and it was executed really, really well. (I’ve been completely unable to find Wall-E, though…)

Ever wondered what certain characters from your childhood would look like as hipsters? Well, now you can actually see He-Man and his other showmates dressed in the hipster style, thanks to Adrian Riemann. Check out the website to see the rest of the characters in hispster gear!

Wolverine vs. Apocalypse. Need I say more? Credit goes to philnoto.

Only a cold hearted monster could hate summer! This bit of Darth Vader on vacation was done by Franco Brambilla and is entitled “Odio l’estate”, which means “I hate summer”.

Giorgio Comolo is the artist behind this insane piece of Galactus art. Check out all the fine details… fuckin’ crazy!

Teddy Star Wars! Dude. For a year, Julius Santiago drew a nerdy, cuddly bear a day for a total of 365 of these awesome drawings. Check out his website for more, ’cause they’re so damn awesome.

This really fuckin’ creepy picture of Mario pwning Link was made by Russian artist Artem Bizyaev. Great work of art, but really creepy looking.

Ivan Camelo is the mastermind behind these little drawings of DC and Marvel superheroes. I really like his distinctive vector style; they look like shiny baubles! Shiiiiiiiny!

Vanja Mrgan reimagined a bunch of classic characters with beards. Some of them actually look all right with the facial hair; I had to think for a moment about Wario not having a beard in actuality. Others, though, look absolutely ridiculous. Like Batman. Poor Batman.

This concept design for Batgirl was done by Jenzee, who called it “The Black Bat”. I think it’s actually really cool!

According to the artist, A.J. Hately, these are “”videogaming manuals in the style of classic Penguin books”. The really cool thing about these is that you really have to think about which book represents which video game.

This fan-made poster of Tsui Hark‘s movie Detective Dee And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame was made by Pale Horse.

Teefury‘s got this kickass Dukes of Hazzard and Back to the Future mashup t-shirt design.

Paul Friemel calls this design “The Battle of Nintendor”! It’s a super epic name. It’s also an awesome t-shirt design, based on the ExciteBike cover art with some Star Wars thrown into it. Check them out here, if you’re interested in it.

It’s the Ghostbusters, and they’re busting Jesus! ‘Nuff fuckin’ said. Credit goes to Jon Andrew Davis.

Kickass Army of Darkness tattoo. No idea whose body that is or who the artist of the piece is, but it’s awesome.

This gorgeous Yoda piece was done by Carmen Cianelli. It’s entrancing.

This custom made Fallout Monopoly board was a gift from Elisabeth Redel to her boyfriend. It’s super intricately done with all the little details she’s included in it. What a great gift, damn.

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