The internet, the great repository for all of mankind’s knowledge. It’s also a great place for nerd art like a Thundercat cat butt, bukkake with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, ducks actually wearing pants and more. (editors note, I have never seen any of those things and am totally not curious… but if you want to email them to us…) This is what  we came across this week for your nerdgasm art lovin’ glory.

Canadians. Some would say sexy people, and the folks at the CW must have agreed, they did cast Laura Vandervoort to be Supergirl in Smallville. Well, sorta. Does she count as Supergirl even though she only half asses wore the costume? What would she have looked like as the last daughter of Krypton? Thanks to Daniel James Cox we now know. Super indeed.

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Strong with the anger, this one is. Yoda, Dark Side, need we say more? CGHUB artist Niconoff gives us a glimpse into Yoda’s Sith side. My one question is what would his Sith Lord name be? My call is “Darth Pookie”

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We all knew that being Bruce Wayne’s butler is a tough job, but come on? Brushing his cowl with a toothbrush. Poor Alfred. He better have one kick ass dental plan.

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Bobba Fett is one of the most bad-ass bounty hunter this side of the galactic fleet. A fucking demon Boba Fett. That’s level 99 bounty hunter status. Created as part of the Rotofugi gallery in Chicago, IL by Japanese & Japanese-American artists, this amazing piece is on display from December 9, 2011-January 8, 2012. Follow the link for a demonized Stormtrooper.

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The scene in Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight where Joker stands defiantly in the face of an incoming Batman is one of the single strongest scenes of the movie. Artist Dan McDaid saw it another way though, with Adam West replacing Christian Bale and Cesar Romero filling for the role now synonymous with Heath Ledger. He even throws in Burt Ward’s Robin just for the hell of it, fantastic!

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“Oh Toto, I don’t think this is Gallifrey anymore….” You see what happens when you blend Doctor Who and The Wizard Of Oz.

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Dear NBC,  keep Community on the air, and then do an episode like this.

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Dear Santa, make this happen… Fat man.

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While the Star Trek vs Star Wars battle will never be finished, I think the battle between Darth Vadar and this nameless red shirt is. Up next, it is Kirk punching a Jawa…

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The best way to close this off is by BLOWING YOUR MIND!

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