What if Law & Order was a science fiction show? I imagine  Law & Order: Space Crimes would make most fans lives complete. Personally, if it took place in space and had robots and aliens I think it would still be crap.

While we ponder such a concept Comic shop and gallery Meltdown Comics have already beaten us to the punch. They recently hosted an art show “These are Their Stories”, featuring Sci-Fi interpretations  based on the one-line descriptions of Law & Order episodes.

Each artist was invited to create a piece based on a Law & Order (any series) episode summary from the DirecTV program guide. Some of the artists went for a fairly straightforward or only slightly offbeat interpretation; but others really played with the possible meanings of their given lines.

Check out 5 of the most Sci-Fi inspired works after the jump.

Some of the artwork created for the Law & Order art show at Meltdown are already available as prints.

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