While the flux-capacitor hasn’t been perfected, and we can’t help you fix any past holiday humbuggery, maybe we can help you get this holiday season off to a good start.

For the next 12 days (Dec 1st-12th), the staff of Nerd Bastards will be listing a few of their favorite nerdy things. Gadgets, doohickeys, thingamabobs and more – all sorts of  items that have been Nerd tested and Bastard approved.  Basically,  stuff you want, things you need, and everything you can’t have.

We hope you’ll  find some unique and nerdtastic gifts among our selections, and that they make their way under your tree, Menorah or Kwanzaa bush.

Hit the jump for Adam Donaldson’s list of nerdful things. Check back tomorrow for Jason Tabry’s list. To see archive of this feature, click HERE.


Speaking of Christmas, although that’s what this whole column – and yes – series of columns are about, let’s turn to something more of the Christmas toy persuasion. Now I’m a recent convert to Community, and because we’ve had to go upwards of seven months now without a new episode, you can relive the glory days with this set up figurines based on the 2010 Claymation-inspired Christmas special. And bonus, the NBC store now has them on for half price. Price: $49.99 from $99.65 [NBCUniversal Store]


Whether your kicking off your day with a morning coffee, or winding it down with a relaxing tea, or maybe you’re sipping on a delicious hot chocolate after several hours of Christmas shopping, nothing says “I’m enjoying a hot beverage” like watching the blocks fall on your Tetris mug. The heat activated mug plays as you drink, and is a great throwback to the game that got us all hooked on Gameboy way back when. Price: $9.99 [Entertainment Earth]

And thinking of geeky things this Christmas, why put up a string of rainbow-colored lights that you got for five dollars at the Wal-Mart when you can put up a stylin’ string of TARDIS lights. Not only will it set a great mood for Christmas, it’ll set a great mood for the Doctor Who Christmas special featuring the first (or second) appearance of the new companion. Plus, the blue glow looks great against the holiday snow. Price: $19.99 [Think Geek]

Nothing says nerd cool like popping the cap off a cold one with your USS Enterprise bottle opener. Nearly five inches long and with a shiny chrome finish, you can get into your brew at warp speed with this finely crafted piece of Star Trek kitchenware. Sure, most beer bottles don’t require a bottle opener anymore, but having this in the pantry drawer will not only give you peace of mind, but it will add a touch of the Trekkie to any holiday celebration. Price: $19.99  [Official Star Trek Store]

I saw this number in my local comic book shop and thought, “Now I don’t typically wear hoodies, but I’d wear that.” Comfortable snug and wickedly stylish, this is a 60/40 cotton/poly blend  featuring the classic red and blue of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This is just the kind of nerd-chic that an emo-skater with a penchant for photo art, kind of like Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield in the last Spider-Man movie, would look good in. Price: $69.95 [Amazon]

It’s been a bad year for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the shame of Michael Bay and all that he brought to the proposed TMNT remake, so with Christmas why not take a minute and remember the good, like this awesome Shredder statue from Sideshow Collectables. Standing at 1:5 scale, the statue has two faces, a human face and a more comic book version of the character with a shadowy face. Looking at this statue is almost enough to erase all the Bay-ified TMNT stuff from your mind. Almost. Price: $149.99 from $224.99 [Sideshow Collectables]

Naturally, this being the tenth anniversary of Firefly, something Serenity-eque would not go amiss. There’s a lot of collectibles under this banner, but this poster set is something I hadn’t seen before, and for the collector that absolutely has to know everything about their favorite 27th century smuggling ship. The posters are full of cool and fun details outling all the areas of the ship, including Inara’s infamous “shuttle of love.” This the must have decoration for the Whedon fan in your life. Price: $39.99 [Think Geek]

Is there any better anti-Christmas, Christmas movie than Gremlins? Now technically this 1:1 replica of a stunt prop green Gremlin is from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, but the principle’s the same: get ’em wet, feed them after midnight, let the craziness role. It’s 30 inches tall and it comes in brown and green, and hopefully you don’t scare easy because if it’s dark and you forget it’s there you might have a broken prop replica with a shattered head. Price: $229.99 [Entertainment Earth]

Sure, it’s on CBS, and it’s basically a crime procedural on par with much of the network’s slate, but watching Person of Interest, you are immediately and frequently drawn in by the power team of Jesus and Ben Linus. Jim Caviezel and Michael Emmerson make an awesome dynamic duo and have good banter and chemistry, plus there are enough flashbacks and ongoing storylines involving rogue agents, optimistic anarchists, and the origins of The Machine, the mysterious surveillance system that tells Jesus and Ben who to save, to give a nice mix of storytelling styles. Plus, there’s the awesome New York locations, which helps makes this an obvious candidate for the high def treatment. Price: $69.97 [Amazon]

If money is no object this holiday, you might want to plunk down nine-and-a-half grand for the actual, 40-inch long model of Spaceball One. Yes, it’s actually one of the two models used for the movie, complete with some awesome detail on the vacuum attachment on top of the ship near the back. The shipping might be tricky, and at nearly four-feet long, you’ll need to clear some serious shelf space, but it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to let you know this thing is legit. Best 10 Gs you’ll probably ever spend. Price: $9,495.00 [Prop Store]

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