Nerd Bastards at Dragon Con 2013!


A nerd family reunion. A geeky home-coming.”Nerdi Gras”. Whatever you call it, Dragon Con is the largest fan run convention in the country. By the fans, for the fans. And it’s because of this attitude Dragon Con continues to not only grow – this year is expected to have the largest attendance, yet! – but manage to put on the most organized and most fun convention I’ve ever attended.

For the third year in a row Nerd Bastards will be attendance. We’re expecting another year of fabulous cosplay, fun, informative panels, all-night parties, and perhaps, if we’re lucky, a little mingling with the stars.

A few things we’re looking forward to most? As always, the colossal DC and Marvel cosplay photos shoots. There’ll be a World Record setting attempt for the most Star Trek costumes, too. The Venture Bros. Costume Contest & Party is a must attend. And of course, there’s the parade; the largest parade in Atlanta!

Attending this year will again be Mark Poynter and myself, and we’d love to meet any Bastards who’ll be there, too! You can follow our activity during the con on either the official Nerd Bastards’ Twitter and/or Facebook. Every morning I’ll post a recap of the day prior’s events in, “Last Night at Dragon Con…” Not only will it give you all a taste of the convention atmosphere, but it’ll help in piecing back together what I’m sure we’ll be an absolutely wild weekend.

Lastly, you Bastards know we love cosplay, right? Well this year we want to feature not only your incredible costumes but also hear all about the hard work that went in to creating them. Think of it like our own spin on Heroes of Cosplay, except it’s all about the craftsmanship with none of the drama. Send us an email if you’d like to be interviewed about your latest creation and we’ll do our best to meetup.

That’s it for now, see you at Dragon Con!

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