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ABOVE: Pretty spot on Khal Drogo cosplay from costumer Khal Drene. Sans Dothraki attire, anyone else see a slight resemblance to Nick Offerman? 7 hells, it’s Khal Swanson!!!


Municipal building gets some appropriately themed Super Mario tagging. [GAS]


E.T. has been hiding out in a log. When being cut down, the tree let out an audible “ouch”, then proceeded to finger himself.  [Laughing Squid]


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Disney Fantasy Shop, Japanese retailer Belle Maison is releasing these Disney princess bra and underwear sets. Hey, sometimes you wanna feel like a princess… in bed. Other times, you’re just a dude into some freaky crossdressing habits. [Geekologie]

Dark Igloo and M ss ng P eces (haha, I see what he did there) pay homage to the toys and collectibles of the 80s and 90s. This über board game combines the action figures, video game accessories and other toys we had as kids. [TheAwesomer]

That time a couple had a Mad Max themed wedding, officiated by Lord Humungus of course. Is it customary for the bride to throw a bouquet, or a severed head? [io9]

Obvious and contrived plot twists? Don’t worry, Sherlock is back, and ready to ruin all your favorite TV shows!   [Only Leigh]

Once again, The Human Tim is bringing some nice childhood memories back with his fun rock adaptation of the Gummi Bear theme song. [The Human Tim]


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