Nerd Cake Of The Week: TREMORS

Tremors cake

When I say the word Tremors what comes to mind? Do you imagine someone who “tremors in fear” or do you immediately think of those underground worms that search and destroy? Me, I think of search and destroy. Why you ask? Because personally, it is the one movie I can honestly say I never change the channel on. An oldie but a goodie I say. Now here’s the thing, as much as I LLOOVVEE this movie there is no way in hell I would have my wedding cake made in honor of it. There’s just something not right about having the bride and groom at the top of the cake looking down at giant, smelly worms that are only out to eat them. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Imagine with me for a moment…you walk up to the bride and groom and simply say, “Congratulations, now you are going to die.” What the f*ck! That’s just not right. So, here it is my friends, the Nerd Cake of the week. I hope you enjoy it, but please don’t get one!

tremors 2

Special thanks to GreatWhite for the find and if you want to check out more cakes click here.

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