Wednesday is here and with the release of our 20th podcast episode comes the ever-popular question of the week! Question of the week is a question we ask you, our readers and listeners, and you answer it by either commenting to this post, or telling us your answer on facebook or twitter (@nerdbastards)! We choose the best answer on the Podcast and the winner will have their answer read aloud on the air, as well as the ability to shout-out or plug anything they want to. You will also see your answer written here on the weekly question post.

Last week’s question was: What is the nerdiest way to die?  The user Mordrun won with this answer:  Trip over your dog named Darth Spot while wearing your Ewok slippers, Spiderman boxers, and Batman Bathrobe

, falling onto your Harry Potter movie quality replica wand, which goes right through your Twilight “I Heart Shining Vampires!” tshirt, barely missing your Star Trek Communicator pin, and goes straight into your heart.

This week’s question is: If you could go back in time to change any nerd moment, what would it be and why?

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