Wednesday is here and with the release of our 19th podcast episode comes the ever-popular question of the week! Question of the week is a question we ask you, our readers and listeners, and you answer it by either commenting to this post, or telling us your answer on facebook or twitter (@nerdbastards)! We choose the best answer on the Podcast and the winner will have their answer read aloud on the air, as well as the ability to shout-out or plug anything they want to. You will also see your answer written here on the weekly question post.

Last week’s question was: What is the biggest nerd fight you’ve ever had?  The winner was Ekey and he won a free t-shirt from  Ekey, contact us at with the style of shirt you want and the size so we can set you up nice.  Ekey’s answer was: Biggest nerd fight I was in involved a complete psychological and moral deconstruction of BatmanSuperman. My argument was that Batman was better since he was driven morally to be a vigilante for good by a broken system whereas Superman was merely a product of being an alien with superpowers. His argument was that Batman was only acting out his own self-preservation tendencies using an unlimited amount of money and technology that could have otherwise gone to school reconstruction or infrastructure to help clean up the city whereas Superman was poor and worked only as a lowly journalist and acted solely for the good of the people he saved. The argument got heated enough that the bartender gave my friend and me a pitcher for free and said we either needed to start drinking more or leave. vs.

Good job, Ekey!

This week’s question is: What is the nerdiest way to die? (Make sure you tell us what you’d like us to plug or who you’d like a shout-out to with your answer, so we can say it on the podcast if you win!)

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