Wednesday is here and with the release of our 15th podcast episode comes the ever-popular question of the week! Question of the week is a question we ask you, our readers and listeners, and you answer it by either commenting to this post, or telling us your answer on facebook or twitter (@nerdbastards)! We choose the best answer on the Podcast and the winner will receive a prize if we have one available. (And this week we do, so ANSWER!)

Last week’s question was: What should be written on the tombstone of George Lucas?  The winner was deus mortus with this response:

I suggest we first put down a normal headstone and every 6-12 months, place another one that’s just slightly better, the director’s cut, the silver edition, the golden edition, the ultimate edition, the ultimate golden edition, etc…

Congratulations deus, who won our Zombie Survival Guide Book Combo. “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Living Dead” and Max Brooks’ “Zombie Survival Notes”.

This week’s question is: What is your most embarassing nerd moment?

The winner this week wins a t-shirt of their choice from Bustedtees, which is a fucking amazing prize!  You can choose your design, size and color and it’ll be sent to you, just for telling us what your moment is!  They sponsored this week’s podcast, and we thank them heartily!  Again, respond by commenting here, on Twitter or Facebook. 

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