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Here at Nerd Bastards we are always striving to find the best ways to deliver you your nerd news and entertainment, so it may come as no surprise to you that we have started working through a new medium, Podcasting. Our first Podcast is now available for download right here:

Latest Nerd Bastardcast Episode:

Bastardcast Ep021

Robert Rodriguez still wants to do Deadpool, New TMNT movie, Pee Wee is back on broadway, Brian Signer X-Men: First Class details,  Gadget Hackwrence religion in Russia, and more.

Bastardcast Ep020

Scott Pilgrim totally does the box office flop, Spider-Man Musical will be scored by U2?! Lord of the Rings Theme Park, Was the Star Wars Deleted Scene Worth it and More.

Music for the Nerd Bastardcast is provided by: Innes Wilson and his Opposition

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Archived Nerd Bastardcast Episodes:

Bastardcast Ep001

3-D movies, PAX gaming expo, Cosplay, Canada has No Netflix, Godzilla, Clash of the Titans, God of War 3, The Walking Dead TV series, Hot underage POAs.

Bastardcast Ep002

We talk crap about the dude from twilight, why you shouldn’t go see Clash of the Titans, and a new StarWars sitcom?!

Bastardcast Ep003

A new Heman movie! Who will be the new Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Is Harry Potter evil? Luke shaves off years of his life by sinking his teeth into the KFC double down.

Bastardcast Ep004

A Kick-Ass nerd out! Will Joss Whedon direct the new Avengers movie? StarWars to continue the original trilogy?!?!

Bastardcast Ep005

Sparticus Blood and Sand, Is new 3D destroying old 3D? and is Hollywood overdoing remakes

Bastardcast Ep006

Early Summer Movie Line Up, New MMORPGs, Hank Azaria in the New Smurfs Movie

Bastardcast Ep007

Summer Movies Continued, Betty White and Audio Nightmares

Bastardcast Ep008

Ian McKellan a Bum?, Superhero XXX, Power Rangers again!, S.H.E.I.L.D movie… and more

Bastardcast Ep009

Nathan Fillion as Ant Man, Megan Fox is out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is in,Teen Wolf Series? Lost? Buffy! OMG!

Bastardcast Ep010

Double-Sized Podcast – Prince of Persia, Dennis Hopper Dies, MTV Movie Awards, New Lara Croft, Captain America Costume, and more

Bastardcast Ep011

New Mortal Kombat Movie? Micheal Keaton Beetlejuice again? Indiana Jones 5? D&D is back? Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler, Thundercats and more…

Bastardcast Ep012

E3 round-up, Toy Story 3, Jonah Hex, Blue Beetle show, Adrian Brodies hot Abs, Marvel & Short Films, Rock Band and more…

Bastardcast Ep013

Sean Connery making mistakes, Robert Pattinson related to dracula, Sam Raimi directing WoW, Nintendo cures blindness and more…

Bastardcast Ep014

1 yr nerdbastards, The Last Air Bender Fail, Wonder Womans new gear, Wii olympics, Judd Apatow directs PeeWee? & BioShock flick…

Bastardcast Ep015

Edward Norton is Hulk no more and gets kicked from the new Avengers Production, Beavis and Butthead make a comeback? Cat woman is real? No More Darth Vader at conventions? and God truly hates nerds…

Bastardcast Ep016

New Green Lantern Costume, Gargoyles Movie, X-Men First Class, Walking Dead, Jeremy London Rehab Mark Ruffalo Hulk, Bye Mel Gisbon

Bastardcast Ep017

Bastardcast Ep018

Bastardcast Ep019

Matthew Vaugh says superhero movies are on the way out. A plethera of nerdy porn parodies, Mom trades video games for sex! Jackass 3D! CCFC hates happy meal toys! and more..