Tron Legacy, a sequel based on the original 1982 film has had many people skeptical since Disney hired Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal to write a sequel back in 2005. The directorial debut of Joseph Kosinski, it manitains the power of the original film while introducing a younger audience to “the grid”. A mix of tense drama, action and a lot of CG facial work, a very well played combination of emotions and technology.  With giant set pieces and an outstanding film score even the younger kids will enjoy Tron Legacy. Yet, while the film has a few bugs in it’s system it’s nothing to really worry about. The film is perfect for those that haven’t even watched the original Tron, starring Jeff Bridges, as well as a strong sequel to release to the public viewers. In a world that was created by one man can his biggest enemy be himself?

Starring Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, the film begins with the younger 1989 Sam (played by Owen Best) being told of another one of his father’s adventures by his father Kevin Flynn. Promising that they’d get together in the morning and head to the arcade, it’s the last time our hero ever sees his father. After 20 years of theories as to what has happened to Kevin, his son Sam has becomes reckless and wild with his actions. After his latest “visit” to ENCOM Flynn recieves a house call from Alan Bradley, reprised by Bruce Boxleitner, and asks Sam to investigate a call from Flynn’s arcade. Strange that Bradley would receive a call from somewhere that hasn’t been opened in twenty years.

After investigating the nearly forgotten arcade Sam discover’s his gateway to “The Grid”, his father’s creation from twenty years prior in Tron. Far from the world last seen in the original Tron, it is now a dark place far removed from the world created by his father. From here, Sam encounters the Gladiatorial Games within the city and realizes that it’s not three lives and a continue if you die.  Watching programs get “derezzed” among the playing fields in a literal elimination style game is Clu (also played by Bridges), ruler of this new landscape. After the discovery of Sam’s “user” status, Clu begins to put his plans into motion. With the fate of two worlds at risk, will Sam reunite with his real father and escape the Grid before it’s too late. Well, you’ll just have to find out on your own and it’s well worth the price of admission.

Wonderful music, fantastic set design and a costume design that even makes the Tron guy weep in shame this is almost a complete package. However, the pacing between sets could have been a little slower to allow for a bit more development and story behind the Grid and it’s programs. On the acting side of things it was just an artistic treat to enjoy, with Bridges and Olivia Wilde (Quorra) stealing the show. Sam could have been played by anyone else and the film could have been played in exactly the same light. As for it’s overall design and tone it was worth the five year wait to sit down and enjoy straight from the get go. Pushing the limits of CG technology by remapping the faces of Bridges and Boxleitner to reprise their original roles from 1982. It’s a little weird tat first but fades away quickly, just like the costumes. Custom made to accommodate each actor, these light up suits are a welcome upgrade from the computer animated versions of 82. Tron Legacy’s soundtrack, done entirely by electronica duo Daft Punk, is perfectly suited among the bits an bites on the digital landscape.

Tron Legacy, twenty years from it’s predecessor, is a welcome edition to the history of created by Disney. It’s worth taking a look at this world within our world. With 3D televisions and being able to play games with your entire body it may not be long before we are in our own Tron like world. From Bridges’ almost sage wisdom to Wilde’s portrayal as a warrior with the curiosity of a child, Tron Legacy could be the next choice for anyone’s next date or night out. Yes, it’s small flaws could take away from the overall enjoyment but a highly enjoyable film none the less. Director Joseph Kosinski should be very proud of what he’s done. For his debut and first real shot at a big budget movie he must be grinning from ear to ear. Tron Legacy is running it’s light cycle with a 7.5 out of 10, not the strongest performance that could have been seen though. What could you expect from the studio, it is a Disney film after-all.

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