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ABOVE: WonderCon was this past weekend and as expected there were some incredible costumes. io9 and The Mary Sue have some nice photo collections and we’ve pulled a few of our favorites to share here. My favorite photo, and it seems everyone else’s too, has been the father/daughter cosplay of Wonder Woman. How adorably awesome is this!?! That little girl’s in good hands and well on her way to geekdom. Hit the jump for more wonderful WonderCon cosplay! (The Mary Sue)

(via Mr. Muggles)

(via photofg)

(via Mr. Muggles)

(via Lifestyles of the Broke and Famous)

No, this guy wasn’t at WonderCon, but if he was would he have been the hit of con. It’s Darth Duck, or Darth Maul-ard, or any other clever, pun-erific name you can come up with. At the end of the day, he’s the coolest duck I’ve ever seen. (Reddit)

If you haven’t heard, Assassin’s Creed is coming to America in their third installment of the series. It makes sense for Ben Franklin to be our new assassin’s Da Vinci, and I’m stoked to start bludgeoning guys with a wood-burning stove. (Dorkly)

You know there have been 11 Doctors, right? WRONG! Can you name all the Doctors not considered canon? If you can’t, don’t worry, Mental Floss has got a comprehensive list for ya.

The Other Doctors of ‘Doctor Who


Oh, so that’s what happened. Well, damn, if only the dinosaurs could have rolled better maybe they’d still be here today. Pick up this design on t-shirt here. (Fashionably Geek)


Know what games are missing today? A kick ass, 8-bit soundtrack. Thanks to YouTuber, Omega52 you can enjoy Battlefield 3 with a soundtrack compiled from various NES games to give it that true retro sound. The effect sounds come from, “Contra and Top Gun, and the background music is from Journey to Silius and Batman.” But sadly, since Battlefield 3 didn’t ship with a mod option all you’ve got is this video. Guess it’s time to start harassing EA. (TDW: Geek)

How do you think the new iPad would hold up against an assault rifle? Firearms enthusiast Richard Ryan of RatedRR, whose well known for shootin’ up Apple’s latest gadgets, shows you. And it’s pretty spectacular. (TDW: Geek)

This is easily the most insane movie compilation video I think I’ve ever seen. YouTuber Khameleon808 synced all these clips to Dupstep music and the results are amazing. Can’t imagine all the time that went into this. Check it out, it’ll totally jump start your day. (Geek Tyrant)


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