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ABOVE: Sub-Zero sweeps Elsa of her feet and, um, finishes her.  Shortly after, Scorpion tells Subs to Get Over Her! [Izismile]


This is an interactive map (links to actual map) of Westeros and the surrounding lands created by user carpiediem. Yep, you can go ahead and kiss your morning goodbye, I’ve already lost 2 hours getting lost in lands of GOT. [Page2]


Power Girls “Boob Window” is a metaphor. That’s heavy, and so are her boobs.   [Texts from Superheroes]


So if Power Girls chest door is a metaphor, what does this male version by  Cory Walker mean? I don’t think I wanna know. [TheMarySue]

I have much frustration towards the global phenomenon known as Frozen (it’s not that good) but this Frozen meets Grand Theft Auto makes me smile. Oh how I adore you PC mod community. [Kotaku]

Godzilla trailer – homemade shot for shot remake. These Sweded trailers are getting to the point where I don’t need to watch the original trailers anymore. They always disappoint after watching home made versions. [CineFix]

Because every con lately has turned into a Selfie Con here’s a Cosplay music video #SelfieParody [Nerd Reactor]

Harry Potter as a 1980’s Anime [Nacho Punch]


And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy… TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)



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