Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut.

Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at nerdybits@nerdbastards.com.


Above: Christmas is Coming – A Game of Thrones holiday photoshop is the only appropriate card to send this nerdy holiday season. (Nerd Approved)


One, the most feared tyrant in the galaxy with a severe breathing problem, the other, some fool who thought it’d be a good plan to invade Russia in the winter. Hitler vs  Darth Vader, the ultimate rap battle. (Geeks are Sexy)


Star Wars and Futurama meet in this brilliant mashup. The fact this hasn’t happened officially is shocking. (The Geek Twins)


Celebrate Christmas the way it should be observed. Murdering snowman, Calvin & Hobbes style. (ToplessRobot)


Batman vs. God. Bitch please, you know that God (Morgan Freeman) works for Batman. (9gag)


Chewie sings “Silent Night” and it is better than the entirety of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Life Day my ass. (Dorkly)


Comic artist Dean Trippe has slapped together a brand-new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen featuring some of the best British characters out there today, “A Copper on the Edge, the Boy Who Lived, a Misfit from the Future, a Madman with a Box, the Consulting Detective, and a Ghost Roommate. Prints available on Etsy (The Mary Sue)


A female biker scout by cosplayer Sheikahchica. Uh… are those handle bars on her butt? (I Heart Chaos)


Another full trailer for Takashi Miike’s movie adaptation of the Phoenix Wright game series has been released, showing what looks to be the full cast of characters. (TDW Geeks)


A new poster for The Hunger Games has been released and looks pretty badass. They successfully continue to differentiate themselves from a certain vampire series. (Geek Tyrant)


Japanese girl explains Star Wars. The Engrish is strong with this one.


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